Environmentally - Friendly Management Systems


Of particular importance for the adoption of E.F.M.S. (Environmentally Friendly Management Systems), is the informing-education about their objectives and conditions for their application and the production of quality products.

The products derive from E.F.M.S, is aimed not to include harmful chemicals and they are produced through cultivation techniques that do not degrade soil quality and environment, generally.

Nutrition and soil fertility is ensured with the application of organic fertilization (manure, compost, plant residues, green manures and other) or with the usage of the minimum quantities of chemical fertilizers, depending on the particular characteristics of each region.

Control and confrontation of insects and other pathogens is achieved by ecological practices combined with an integrated control system (ecological traps, pheromones, beneficial insects, approved phytosanitary products for spraying, etc.).

During the process of collection, storage-transportation and olive oil extraction, should be applied the appropriate operating conditions of olive oil mills in order quality degradation of the olive oil product to be prevented.

Conclusions, based on economic and environmental analysis, carried out in research institutes, such as the Institute of Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants of Chania, could be used in order to be implemented actions for support of E.F.M.S.

Taking initiatives and organizing farmers into groups or associations, in order to be produced high quality product and also applying standardization and marketing rules, is suggested.

There are important production possibilities who respect the environment as well as the health of farmers and consumers.


Organic Agriculture


Organic olive cultivation


  • Regulation (EC) No 889/2008, laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council regulation (EC) No 834/2007, as regards the organic way of production, labeling and product control: http://www.dionet.gr/08/kan2009/889_2008.pdf 


Integrated Management System IMS

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