Advices for the Eco friendly Management of Olive grooves

The objective is the sustainable use of system inputs: fertilizers, water, phytosanitary products and energy.

Plant nutrition, Land Management, Weed control

  • Soil and leaf analysis before fertilization
  • Tillage once per year (usually in the end of winter)
  • Tillage and use of compost made from plants residues, olive leaves, animal manures etc., to maintain the level of organic matter in the soil
  • Application of leguminous and gramineous plant cover and soil incorporation
  • Soil Incorporation of pruning residues
  • Herbicides residues must be taken into consideration, Mowing

Water Management

The total quantity of water and irrigation frequency depends on climatic conditions, type of soil and plant age. "Deficit Irrigation" constitutes a measurement for Eco friendly water management.


  • Use of healthy genetic material
  • Soil solarisation for fungus-other soil pathogens confrontation
  • Sampling and monitoring of insect population, Forecast of time of phytosanitary treatment
  • Application of sustainable, biological and microbial methods of plant protection
  • Use of selective pesticides

Pruning for "Plant Formation" and "Fruit Bearing"

Suitable pruning for maintenance of healthy trees.

The given form in the tree canopy is determined by the variety, soil, climatic conditions, cultivation technique, harvesting method, etc.

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