Actions and means involved

The dissemination activities that will be carried out during the implementation of this project are in perfect line with the project objectives. In order to gather all the required data for the implementation of the awareness raising activities, preparatory actions will be carried out. These actions link previous projects and extract all the relative information in order to build the foundation of the project case. Preparatory actions also include the collection of data regarding producers occupied in Crete and Ilia. Connection will be established between stakeholders from previous projects and this one. Preparatory actions will last 7 months from the beginning of the project and the activities will be carried out by TUC and ISPOT.

An informational centre will be developed in Crete. The informational center will be the place of the community of olive oil “fans” where all the information will be communicated in many ways such as informational leaflets, brochures and exchange knowledge with project’s expert. The informational center will register all the interested producers and consumers and give the appropriate space for the beginning of the informational events. Moreover, inside the informational center there will be a library of collected data regarding olive oil and sustainable consumption and production. TUC, in collaboration with ISPOT in Chania will be responsible for the creation of this center. The center will be developed during the preparatory actions and it will be working during the implementation of the whole project. The informational center will be working and after the end of the project.

An informational center will be also working at Ileia with the auspices of ILEIAKI Development Agency. Following the large scale forest fires that took place in August 2007, there are many producers who need to restore their crops. However, since this restoration will happen in the immediate future, it provides a great opportunity to develop dissemination activities in the area, promoting sustainable olive cultivation, which is one of the main elements of the project. The farmers have to develop their olive crops from the beginning. Therefore, via the activities and the Information Center foreseen in the project the environmentally sustainable olive cultivation will be made known to them in order to consider the principles and guidelines of ecological olive cultivation during the development of their crops. It is noted that it is always more efficient to bring new ideas and implement new practices when a specific activity is under development (like the olive crops in Ileia), rather than when an activity is already in operation, and has become routine.

In addition, five informational events together with training seminars will be organized during the whole project in Crete and Ileia. These events have an informational character combined with the educational character through the training seminars. In addition, every year there will be organised festivals for promoting sustainable products. These festivals will be called “olive days” and together with the informational events TUC will be responsible for their organisation. Finally, twice during the whole project, competitions regarding sustainable producers and consumers will be organised. The winners will be awarded in a special olive oil awards event. TUC will be also responsible for the organisation of this activity. Through these events, project’s main objectives are carried out and mostly the approach of consumers audience.

Electronic dissemination activities will be carried out during the beginning of the project. TUC will develop an e-portal that will contain an electronic database with all the registered producers and consumers enriched with statistical and sorting data, an electronic library that will contain data gathered during preparatory actions web based training seminars for everyone interested outside Crete. Through the e-portal, people interested about olive oil and other biological products, will have the opportunity to exchange information, opinions and data related to sustainable production and consumption, though the development of an e-forum. The e-portal will be working in Greek and English and daily updated during the project. The portal will be working and after the end of the project for at least five years. TUC will be responsible for the implementation of these activities. The main objective of these actions is to target the maximum available audience and cover as much as possible geographical area. At the end of the project there will be published a book for adopting sustainable production schemes. The material will be used from the training seminars and data gathered at the preparatory actions.

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