Expected results

As presented in the proposal the main environmental problems targeted include the emission to air, water and soil due to the:

  • Use of pesticides / insecticides
  • Use of fertilizer
  • Transportation
  • Oil production process

The problem seeks to promote sustainable production and consumption by informing the stakeholders (with focus on consumers) on the impacts related to the current production practices, via a Life Cycle approach and the benefits of implementing sustainable consumptions. The benefits will refer to both environmental and public health.

It is expected that at least 80% of producers located at Crete and Ileia will be informed about the project and participate one way or the either to the dissemination activities (e.g. by just receiving the brochures or entering the website to participating in training and informational events). Also it is expected that 50% of the producers that will be approached will utilize one of the measures of sustainable production proposed to them in order to address one or more of the aforementioned environmental impacts.

The main focus of the project in relation to biological products refers to olive oil. However, other biological products (agricultural products) with similar characteristics will be promoted as it is expected that consumers will present a big interest not only on olive oil but other products as well. Also there are many cases that many olive farmers are also involved in the cultivation of other goods and hence it is expected that they will also show interest in the eco-production of products, besides olive oil. All biological products of olives will be promoted (olives, olive oil, pasta etc). Moreover wine, fruits (especially citrus), vegetables and animal products which are biological could be promoted. This way the project will establish a more integrated view and be able to disseminate its messages to a greater audience with bigger success.

Promotion-dissemination through informational material (leaflets etc) of local biological products in tourist and Agro tourism centers of Crete could be implemented.

Biological and Integrated farming are very promising agricultural activities due to the increased interest of both farmers and consumers for the production-consumption of safe products with respect to the environment. The scientific team of the proposal has participated in important studies which support the value of biological products and are available if needed.

Ways of promotion of biological products are:

  • Presence of biological products in exhibitions in popular events (festivals)
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Web site which hosts informative material about biological products

Conclusively, distribution of the fact that "quality, nature, health, environmental protection" are included in biological products.

The expected results in accordance with the actions of the program include:

  1. Development of an informational center that will be active and after the end of the project.
  2. Informational events that will cover the island of Crete, inform people and train producers and web seminars targeting on producers.
  3. Development of an e-portal.
  4. Creation of an e-library containing papers from studies relative to sustainable production patterns, results from previous relative projects and all the produced dissemination material in electronic – easy to download – format.
  5. Development of an electronic database with all the registered producers and consumers categorized and sorted by a number of selection criteria.
  6. Publication of a book consisting of the results from the dissemination activities, training seminars and collected data and papers from past projects.
  7. Development of an e-forum, available to anyone registered after valid registration process. The e-forum will be a part from the knowledge exchange schemes and open a channel to European and Worldwide audience.
  8. Establishment of bi-annual olive oil awards in Greece and promotion to other countries. These awards can be a part from IOOA annual awards.
  9. Promotion of biological products and especially olive oil in Greek market together with their promotion to other countries.
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