Standardization of Olive Oil

A key factor regarding the ensurement of consumers on the authenticity and quality of the product is the standardization of olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is an absolutely natural product, received exactly as it leaves the olive oil mill, without any processing or additives. Branded, standard olive oils undergo strict controls by the competent authorities. These controls are the safeguards for consumers and guarantee the purity of the final product.

Controls are always based on standards set by the European Regulation for Olive Oil and of course by the high standards set by each company.

The standardization requires the appearance on the product of information such as expiry date and details of the standardizer. The packages used are selected based on strict criteria for quality assurance of the product. For this reason, packaging is equipped with a safety cap to prevent fraud.

Storage Details

During standardization the expiration date is also defined; expiration ranges between 12 and 18 months. During this period, the components of the oil remain intact.

The storage method is very important in order for the oilive oil to maintain its flavor, color, aroma and its ingredients. Sunlight, heat, oxygen and moisture can alter the characteristics of the product.

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